Math Socks - Blue Colorful & Funny Socks for Men

8.50 EUR

Colorful & Funny Electric blue & Pink colors socks for man who loves science. These colorful socks are decorated with different math formulas. It will always be fun to go to exams wearing these socks, and see how your teacher will react to them. Will you be blamed for cheating, or the teacher will ask where can he buy a pair of these socks?

Socks size: 
EU: 41-44 | UK: 7.5-10 | US: 8-10.5

Colour: Electric blue & Pink colors

Composition: Premium quality: 80% - Combed cotton, 15% - Polyamide, 5% - Elastane.

Unique socks designed and produced in Nordic Europe - Lithuania. 

These socks are soft, they don't squeeze and moulds perfectly to your feet. The socks owner will just wanna wear these colorful socks every day.

Colorful socks are perfect for all men, regardless of whether they are teens, young adults or middle age. Socks can be nicely used as a part of daily outfit. And it goes without saying, that brave men, who want to be recognized, can combine colorful socks with their suits.

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