Sheep Socks - Green Colorful & Funny Socks for Men

8.50 EUR

Colorful & Funny socks with sheep. Like in every meadow, there are many white sheep. But here, on you feet, you can find an unexpected guest - black sheep.  These socks are soft, they don't squeeze and moulds perfectly to your feet. The socks owner will just wanna wear these colorful socks every day.

Socks size: 
EU: 41-44 | UK: 7.5-10 | US: 8-10.5

Colour: Green

Composition: Premium quality: 80% - Combed cotton, 15% - Polyamide, 5% - Elastane.

Unique socks designed and produced in Nordic Europe - Lithuania. 

Colorful socks are perfect for all men, regardless of whether they are teens, young adults or middle age. Socks can be nicely used as a part of daily outfit. And it goes without saying, that brave men, who want to be recognized, can combine colorful socks with their suits.

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