Seven simple reasons to wear funny socks

Perhaps we could define a hundred reasons to wear funny and colourful socks, and perhaps it is debatable whether these reasons are serious or not. But we have our own reasons why we create and wear funny socks. 

First of all, we won't suggest that colourful and funny socks are a great style item, because most etiquette and style books are against such idea. Colourful and fun socks are primarily for people who want to stand out from the crowd and here are some reasons why wearing colourful socks is a good decision.

  1. Just. Black socks are boring and funny socks are cool
  2. Good way to start conversation. Need a nice topic to talk about. You can always talk about weather, politics and other topics. However you can also nicely say: „you socks are very cool, where did you bought it”.  Person who were such socks - will expect such question. 
  3. You get socks as gift - be polite and use it. 
  4. Don't get cold and still show your ankles. You love short pants - but during winter it is cold. So it is better to wear colourful socks and show them instead of showing your ankles and getting cold. 
  5. No sorting problem after laundry. Do you like to look for a second sock of the same in a mountain of different socks. By using unique funny socks - you would not have such problem. Of course, the exception will be if you only use fun socks with the same pattern.
  6. Ability to wear different socks at the same time. Bored to look for second sock from the pair of funny socks. Just wear two different funny socks and say that it should be like it. 
  7. You need to stand out from the crowd of people in suits. What are the opportunities for people who wear suits to stand out? In principle - a tie and socks. Yes, it can be said that the quality of your suit, shoes and shirt are the things that set you apart. But in reality - not everyone can distinguish these things from afar. So the funny socks could be your chance to have something unique in such crowd. 

Are these reasons right for you? Or do you have a more important reason for choosing colourful socks? It doesn't matter, just browse our range and maybe you will choose the perfect socks that will suit you.