Penguin socks - The Brand of Funny socks for men and women

Black socks is boring - colorful and funny socks for fun and happy day.

How's your feet doing? Are they happy spending time in boring black socks? What do you think about Colorful socks? 

We, "Penguin Socks", would like to make your feet happy and colourful.What do we do? We are creating happiness, entertainment and uniqueness for your feet. Your feet are a part of you, so we are creating happiness for you.

How do we do that? We create funny socks for men and women. And we deliver these amazing socks to your doorbell. You can order our crazy socks via internet.

What is "Penguin socks”?

At the moment "Penguin socks” is not a company. "Penguin socks" is brand of individual project.  And of course main idea of this individual project is to design and produce colorful, unique and funny socks for self-confident people.

All socks are designed and sold by me - Vidmantas Markevicius. I’m operating as a freelancer and my individual activity is registered under the laws of Lithuania. By buying "Penguin socks” you support my idea, and make the world more colorful and fun please to live.

Why "Penguin Socks"?

Because Penguins are adorable and they wear suits. What is more, everyone loves Penguins. What is even more, did you noticed, that in all cartoons, Penguins are not with black feet/socks (usually it is orange). So what do we have: Penguins wear suits + everyone loves Penguins + they don't wear black socks. So why should we wear black socks? 

When you wear a suit, you need socks. That is the fact. But we can choose.We can wear black socks as everyone does. Or you can choose funny and colorful socks as self-confident people and Penguins do. So no is your time to choose. 

P.S. Please choose funny socks by Penguins socks :)

How did we came up with idea to design Funny socks?

As always. We started to create socks, because we needed creative socks. We are just regular people who work in an office (office plankton), just project managers. Not some fashion designers. Most of the day we wear suits. When you wear a suit, you have just two ways to show your creativity and uniqueness. First of all - tie (but we don't like ties so much). Second of all - socks.

Author of the idea:

Vidmantas Markevicius​
Individual activity under a business certificate no. 764374 Lithuania.